There are many ways to sponsor this event and get involved: 

Paypal: lwaters1110@yahoo.com for all purchases. Please put in the comments what you would like to donate to. Thanks! 

-Vendor Space: 100sq.ft               $250

-Raffle Items for our awesome raffle!

-Catalog Ads:

Inside Full Cover $250

Outside Full Cover $250

Inside Back Cover   $200

Centerfold(2 page spread)  $300

Full Page  $175

Half Page  $100

Quarter Page  $60

Business Card Size  $35


USRC National Champion(IGP 3 1st Place)   $200 - Amanda Hoskinson

High in Trial  $200   - Sponsored by BARK

IGP 3 2nd Place    $175   - Sponsored by von Quintus Rottweilers

IGP 3 3rd Place     $150

IGP 3 4th Place     $125

IGP 2 1st Place     $175   

IGP 1  1st Place    $150  Sponsored by Arizona Working Rottweiler Klub

High Tracking       $175  Sponsored by Rabbiosi's Rottweilers

High Obedience    $175   Sponsored by OG Gartenstaat

High Protection     $175  Sponsored by Hertweckhaus Rottweilers

High HOT        $100   Sponsored by Brian & Patricia Rushing

Helper's Choice: Sponsored by Central Sierra Rottweiler Club

-Competitor Bibs